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SDMRI Rule Meeting for 2022 season

Good afternoon racers!

We will be having a rules meeting December 11, 2021 at Blarneys in Mitchell in the Southwest conference room to discuss proposed rule changes sent in by our club drivers.

The SDMRI Board will meet and discuss some details and then we will invite one class of truck owners in at a time to go over the proposed changes and get their input and vote on the rules. Each class will be invited in separately and will be open to the truck owners only! Please don’t bring your buddy as they will be asked to remain outside of the meeting room. The SDMRI board reserves the right to accept or reject any rule regardless of vote if we feel it is not in the best interest of South Dakota Mud Racers, Inc.

Street Rod will be heard at 2:30 pm concerning the current shifter rule and a proposed cubic inch rule for 2023. Sportsman at 2:45 to consider an intake manifold change and Superstock at 3 pm to discuss a vacuum allowance for small block motors. Please keep in mind that only the rules listed will be considered…no other rule requests will be entertained at this time!

We will publish any rule changes on our website and facebook by January 1 2022.

Thank you



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