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2021 Rule Guidelines

Greetings from the South Dakota Mud Racing Board!

We want to thank you for your participation in our 2021 racing season…together we put on a great show for our fans. We got through it all with only a couple of minor hiccups and those were remedied quickly.

We, as a collective group, have discussed the meetings held in November and December 2020 and January 2021 at length and have looked at ways to avoid the confrontations and hard feelings that resulted from these events. Several ideas were looked at but the one that made the most sense was this:

Instead of an in-person rules meeting, we are going to ask the truck owners to submit their rule change requests in writing via e-mail at by November 1st 2021. We will not accept phone call, text or message rule requests, only written via e-mail. Any rule change request must be for the class that you race in only! If, however, you have a general safety rule request, we would like to hear them. Please be detailed in your request and provide a supporting argument as to why we should consider your proposal. If a proposed rule change is received for a specific class, that class will be notified of the request and will be invited to a closed board meeting to discuss the possible rule change and vote on the rule. The truck owner must be present to vote and must have raced at least once in that class in the past 2 years to be eligible to vote! No phone-in, text, message or friend votes will be considered! Any changes will be made public on our website and on the SDMRI facebook page by December 1st 2021. Our decisions will be final and not open for argument!

We will have our usual Winter fellowship meeting in January to announce the 2022 race schedule, recognize our 2021 points champions, install new board members and give our financial report. Afterwards we can talk racing and drink a few beverages among friends and enjoy the evening being the good sportsmen we are.

Thank you!

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