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2021 Rule Changes

2021 SDMRI Race Season – Rule Changes

In November 2020 we held our annual rules meeting. A suggestion was proposed for the superstock class. This request was to allow for an aftermarket transfer case (i.e. SCS, ProFab, Atlas). After some discussion the board called for a vote from the active driver/owners for the superstock class . A vote was taken and the results were logged by the board. There were 3 active driver/owners that were not available for the meeting but had been contacted and their votes recorded via phone. The votes were counted with 3 votes for the aftermarket cases and 5 against. These were recorded and it was stated that the rule would not likely pass, but the board wanted to discuss it further before they accepted the results.

In December 2020, a board meeting was held where the total votes from the current superstock driver/owners were accepted. The votes were 3 “yes” votes and 5 “no” votes. Since there was not a tie, the board voted to accept the result from the driver/owners vote.

Also, at the December board meeting, a request was made asking to consider a rule change in the street rod class. It was suggested that we ban race shifters or perhaps the stall convertors should be limited to 1800 rpm. Two of the three driver/owners were present at this meeting and they agreed that no race shifters would be allowed in this class. This is being done in an attempt to level the playing field with stock trucks showing up and wanting to race (which is what this class was created for).

In January we held our annual winter meeting. The rule changes were presented to the club. There was some push-back with the superstock no rule change. However, the drivers had their vote and the board accepted that vote; which was for no rule change.

In summary, there will be one rule change for the 2021 SDMRI race season which is no ratchet or gated racing shifters allowed in the Street Rod class.

We look forward a safe and competitive race season!!


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