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Canistota and Platte

Hello everyone, well we had a great time at Canistota. The weather was nice, the track held up great, and I’d say everyone had a great time. We would like to thank the Marquardt’s and the ASSI-9 crew for having us out to one of our favorite tracks. The tech line went good, everyone is getting their trucks together, and everyone is pulling vacuum. We appreciate the effort that everyone has put into their trucks. We are coming up on the Platte race and we are excited about going back. We will be running a powder puff class and will be having a Calcutta at the races. The powder puff will be factory stock and sportsman trucks running together with female drivers that currently do not normally race on raceday. In Platte, there is a car show on Main Street the day of the race that runs from 11:00am till 2:00pm. If you are planning on bringing your truck to the car show please let Jon Tucek or Brad Eichmann know so that we can plan accordingly. If you would like to register your truck to be in the show, registration begins at 10:00am. Good luck everybody and we look forward to seeing you in Platte.

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