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Canova Recap

Greetings racers and race fans, we had some great races in Canova. The track held together very well and we had some exciting races. We would like to thank the Zulks for providing a great race location, and a thank you to the Canova fire department for providing the water.

We would like to mention LeRay with V&L Manufacturing in Tea and Tim with Tim’s Towing in Mitchell, they did some extensive dirt work in Mitchell so we would have a nice safe track to race on. And to LeRay for donating his time and equipment for moving guard rail around to locations and helping with installation. Thank you for your help.

Next we need to talk about tech, we will be running every truck in every class through the tech line at the next race. We are working on new tech sheets for each individual class so that we can make sure that everyone is running as safe as they can and following the rules to the T. Everyone will have to use window nets, wrist restraints, or close there windows in all classes, this is specified in the general rules. You will also wear your chin strap on your helmet and it will be adjusted correctly.

We look forward to seeing everybody at the next race. Good luck everyone, let’s have a great season. Sincerely, The SDMRI board

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