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Canistota Update

Greetings racers and race fans.

We will start off by saying thank you to the Canistota fire department and the ASSI-9 team for bringing us back to Canistota. We would also like to thank Cory for helping out with the announcing, he did a great job.

The races went great from the ATVs through the combo class. Congratulations to all of the winners. It was a day of fun and excitement with some very fast passes. We would also like to thank our friends from Nebraska who came up to race, they bring fast trucks that add to our show.

Our next race will be in Corsica on July 28th, followed by Platte; which was rescheduled to July 29th. We are racing Saturday and Sunday, so be prepared for a big weekend of mud flying, high speed racing. ATVs will start at 1:30 and the trucks start at 3:00 in Corsica. Platte will have a 1:00 ATV start and a 2:30 start on the trucks.

We hope to see all of our drivers and race fans on our big race weekend in Corsica and Platte.

Sincerely yours, The SDMRI board

P.S. : For anyone that is still unsure about the Canistota Invitational race on August 4; We are still racing on this day.

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