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Platte Postponement

Hello everyone, this newsletter is about the Platte race. It comes with great regret that we had to postpone the race because of weather conditions. We would like to start by apologizing to anyone that made the journey to Platte and to those that were on there way. We would like everyone to know that this race will happen and that we understand that people have a lot of time and money invested in traveling to our races and we would hope that they continue to come to our races.

There are a lot of behind the scenes decisions to making the call of running a race or not. Some of these factors are if ground conditions won’t allow us to get in and out of the property safely. We also have to look at the property, if we are going to rip up the land and make big ruts in the grass, we can’t destroy the land owners property. The other major factor is the spectators, when it is raining we will have a major dip in attendance. We need to make sure we give the spectators the best show that we can. We have to remember that this isn’t just a race for the drivers this is show for the fans. The fans are our driving force we are here to entertain them. They want to watch us race and enjoy the show.

We offer our fans a fun afternoon of high flying mud entertainment with the best announcers around to keep the show interesting and fun. We have to make sure that our fans are safe and that they have the best experience that they can.

In closing I would offer my greatest apologies to those that traveled to Platte and to those that were on there way. I understand completely, there has been a lot of travel time invested by the board members and the volunteers to make the races work. We travel to locations to set up guard rail, trips to till and water the track, time on phone calls, and the trip over on the day of race. We do this without question to make sure everyone can have a great race experience and a great show. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Sincerely yours, The SDMRI board

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