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The 2017 Season Is Up and Running

Hi there everybody, the 2017 race season is off and running and we are having a great time. We ran our first race in Mitchell and everything went great. We would like to thank Jerry and Jolene Bucholz for providing us with the great race location again, its always a lot of fun racing there. We would also like to thank all the volunteers for their help with getting the race set up and running. We would also like to thank the trucks that showed up for the car show in Mitchell on Saturday.

We also ran our second race in Canova and had some great races. We would like to thank the Canova fire department and the Zulk family for having us back again and donating the land. We always look forward to racing up there.

The next race is in Canistota on July 15, we always have a lot of fun up there. The ASSI-9 crew has invited everyone to bring their campers and spend the night if you would like. This facility has become a second home to all of us and we always enjoy going there.

We have plenty of time between Canova and Canistota to get our trucks in top condition. Be sure to make sure everything is running good, looking good, and that you meet all the rules for your class.

The SDMRI board.

P.S. keep on racing.

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